Watershed + Lake Management

The 11,000-acre Clear Creek watershed encompasses the streams, creeks, waterways, ponds, wetlands and other tributaries that eventually drain into and through 88-acre Lost Lake, and downstream to the Rock River at a point approximately eight miles south of the Oregon dam.

The watershed has many stakeholders other than the residents and property owners of the Lost Lake residential community and others within the taxing boundaries of the RCD. Farmers, ranchers, Lost Nation Golf Course, livestock, wildlife, homeowners and nature/conservation organizations all lay claim to the watershed and its resources.

Recently, the RCD organized the stakeholders into a partnership that
has produced benefits for both them and Lost Lake. The RCD is expanding management responsibilities to include the resources of the watershed in partnership with the stakeholders.

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The Clear Creek watershed is bounded by the red boundary above, encompassing over 11,000 acres.

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