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To offer boaters convenient access to the waters of Lost Lake, the RCD provides and maintains several boat docking, storage and launching opportunities.

Note: All boats must be registered with Lost Lake RCD, and all powered boats must be registered with the State of Illinois.

To complete necessary registration forms, click HERE.


East Side of Lost Lake

• Adjacent to the North Beach on the end of Beech Lane, this location has a boat launch, boat racks, and a dock.   

• The East Boat Launch Area is located on Oak Lane and features a boat ramp, boat racks, a boat dock, and a kayak launch.

West Side of Lost Lake

• Located at the cul-de-sac end of Park Drive, this area provides a boat launch, boat racks, a dock, and a kayak launch.

• Located on the north side of the dam are additional boat racks.

Rental Docks

The RCD also owns and rents 16 seasonal boat dock spaces for those boat owners who want want on-water boat docking/storage. To learn more, click here.

Boating and Boat Rules
• All boats that must be registered with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR), must have a current IDNR decal, and must have a current RCD Lost Lake boat decal. Boats stored on RCD racks must have a separate rack decal.

• Boats with gas-powered engines may not use the engines while on the lake. 

• Any boat that does not have up-to-date IDNR stickers and current RCD boat and rack decals and is stored on RCD property will be removed and locked up. The owner must prove current sticker and pay a storage and handling fee to have their boat returned to them.

Please keep in mind the following when using these facilities and any other RCD facilities, including the lake:

• NO ALCOHOLIC beverages are allowed on the lake.

• Disorderly conduct and unreasonable noises are not permitted on any of the RCD properties. This includes activities that are disruptive to surrounding properties.


To complete necessary Registration forms, click HERE.

To view the Kayak Launch demo, click HERE. 

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