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Clear Creek Watershed

The "Clear Creek Watershed" is a 7.22-mile basin that drains 11,130 acres (17.4 mi³) in Ogle and Lee counties in north-central Illinois. Lost Lake (88 acres) is the main repository of the drainage, and, as the water continues its journey to the Rock River, the Mississippi River, and beyond.

​In 2009, the RCD initiated an outreach effort. Headed by then RCD President and visionary Steve Larry, this informal group visited major stakeholders in the Clear Creek Watershed. Over time, these stakeholders agreed to participate in a formal effort to manage the watershed streams, creeks, ponds, flora, wild life and livestock in order to improve the quality of all waters in the watershed including Lost Lake.

From this coalition, two important committees were formed: the Clear Creek Watershed Partnership (CCWP), and the Clear Creek Technical Advisory Committee (CCTAC). After two years, 12 meetings and one executive session, these two committees produced a formal action plan.

In short, management of the Clear Creek watershed focuses on addressing flash-flooding issues, minimizing stormwater run-off, flashy hydrology, streambank erosion, and related sedimentation and pollutant loading into the streams . . . all in an effort to benefit the 'SWAPAH' (Soil, Water, Plants, Animals and Humans) residing in the watershed.

​Reaching out to stakeholders in the Clear Creek Watershed represents a major step toward the overarching goal of the further viability of Lost Lake as a major ecological, aesthetic and engineering success. The culmination of the initial outreach, in the form of the CCWP and the CCTAC committees has put an end to the myopic view of Lost Lake as isolated “local community” lake and has replaced that view with one that recognizes Lost Lake a part of a larger ecosystem.


Images From The Clear Creek Watershed

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In 2010, the Clear Creek Watershed Partnership produced two documents: ​​​the Clear Creek Watershed Inventory and Analysis document, and the Clear Creek Watershed Action Plan — providing a detailed roadmap and set of recommendations that are being implemented to this day. Click on the below links to view/download these documents.

Clear Creek Watershed Inventory and Analysis

Clear Creek Watershed Action Plan

Babbling Brook and Lost Lake Stabilization Project Video
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