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Lake Court Center

The Lake Court Center (LCC) building is owned and managed by the Lost Lake RCD for the use of the property owners within its taxing district. Located alongside the lake at 404 Lake Court, it was built with the aid of the local property owner's association. The building not only houses the RCD's office, the Utility District's office and the Lost Lake Community library, but also provides meeting and event space for community events, both public and private. The LCC complex also includes a tennis court, a basketball hoop, fishing dock, shoreline fishing, volleyball court, a playground, bike racks, a large grassy area for other recreation opportunities, and parking for approximately 40 vehicles.

Additionally, the LCC is also available for rent for private functions such as birthday and anniversary celebrations, bridal and baby showers, wedding receptions, family holiday gatherings, etc. The LCC has an occupancy rating of 335 standing room, or 157 seated with tables and chairs. The building is fully heated and air conditioned and includes a large kitchen with appliances, WiFi, television, restrooms, a pop machine, and great views of the lake.

To begin the Lake Court Center rental process, first check our calendar for available rental date. Then, download the below rental forms and documents, complete them, and furnish the RCD with two checks: one for the rental(s), and another for the appropriate deposit.


The Vending Machine at Lake Court Center is located in the lobby that is open 24 hours.


Coke, Diet Coke, Cherry Coke, Sprite, Rootbeer, Lemonade, Bottled Water, and Monster.

Pop & Water $1.00

Monster $2.50

Lake Court Center (LCC) Rental Forms / Documents

LCC Rental Form

LCC Hold Harmless Agreement

LCC Liability Insurance Sample

Tables & Chairs Rental (for indoor use other than at LCC)

Illinois Statue Governing Lake Court Center Rental:


"If the board determines to operate any such recreational facilities, it shall establish for the revenue-production facilities rates and charges which at least defray all fixed maintenance and operating expenses."


The RCD must use income from the rentals to defray the fixed costs of running the facility. It costs approximately $15,000 each year just to pay the bills to maintain the Lake Court Center. If rental income falls short of this amount, the taxpayer makes up the difference. It is our goal to substantially meet or exceed the $15,000 expense figure each year. Please consider this facility first when planning a social event, celebration, club gathering or other event/meeting. Without your support, the burden on the tax payers will be such that the RCD will not be able to justify the building's use. 



The Community Library at Lake Court Center is located inside the building with access through the office.

Library Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-5pm

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